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Des plate-formes optimisées pour la performance (avec Netlify et Algolia)

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Avec la prolifération des APIs et des plateformes SaaS, de nouveaux worflows de développement permettent aux développeurs front-end et aux webdesigners de ne plus dépendre d’un CMS monolithique pour manipuler des données.

Nous recevrons deux acteurs internationaux majeurs de ce changement de paradigme : Netlify, une plateforme d’intégration de déploiement pour des sites servis en statique et Algolia, une plateforme de recherche qui va indexer vos contenus et vous permettre de proposer une recherche très ergonomique et performante à vos visiteurs. Les deux startups basées à San Francisco ont toutes deux levées plusieurs dizaines de millions d'euros en 2017, preuve de l'intérêt grandissant pour ces solutions très performantes.

Après une brève introduction sur le retour du front-end, nous aurons droit à deux présentations en anglais :

1. Making Platforms And Processes Promote Performance - Phil Hawksworth (Developer Relation @Netlify)

No matter how good you are at crafting the most ingenious, high-performance code, you need to deliver it to your users reliably. You probably also need to evolve it over time. To test it. To get it signed off. It can be painful. But it needn’t be.

This talk will look at ways to design a developer experience which then enables a good user experience.

We’ll talk about the benefits in keeping your stack simple, in using the expertise of others, and we’ll examine some performance and security benefits of the JAMstack and microservices.

About Phil

Phil works in Developer Relations at Netlify, the fastest growing automation and hosting platform for modern websites.

With a passion for browser technologies, and the empowering properties of the Web, he loves seeking out ingenuity and simplicity, especially in places where over-engineering is common.

Phil’s career in web development spans almost 20 years and includes time as a Software Engineer at Verisign, an Open Source Evangelist at British Telecom, and Technology Director at R/GA where he worked with clients around the world such as Nike, Google, Beats By Dre and Samsung to bring engaging and effective experiences to the widest audience possible.

2. Adding Search to your Stack - Martyn Davies (Senior Developer Advocate @Algolia)

Being able to dig deep into content, or find specific items is core to a great user experience, long session times, and being generally awesome. In this talk we’ll look at how search fits into the static sites world, what it can be used for and see how simple it is to add it to popular static site frameworks using Algolia and a prayer to the live coding gods.

About Martyn

Martyn Davies is a Developer Evangelist and a creative developer based in London. He has worked in technology for over 14 years with a background in both the music industry and technology. A serial hackathon organiser, mentor and startup advisor, you’ll find him presenting, demoing, hacking and chatting at hack days, conferences and meetups in the UK & Europe on a regular basis.