Neurodiversity and Inclusion For Every Employers & Employees

What we'll do

• What is the talk about exactly?
The goal of this symposium is to inform, enlighten and educate attendees from a variety of perspectives to promote a positive and productive focus on the strengths that neurodiverse individuals can offer the workplace.

This talk is an invaluable opportunity to understand how employing a neurodiverse workforce will create a more inclusive and diverse team, bringing diversity of thought and knowledge, plus, collectively opening up new pathways for both employer and employee in attaining successful and productive futures.
You will also hear Sirani McNeill's personal experience from being a neurodiverse job seeker (with a hearing loss as well) and advice/tips for employers and employees on hiring neurodiverse candidates; as mainstream employment does not work.

• What to bring
Water bottle/drink, snacks, notepad and pen. Anything else to remind you about this session! I will print or email you reminders.

• Important to know
Please ONLY SMS/text at[masked] or email me at [masked] if running late/difficultly in finding where our meeting is being held.

NOTE: As this talk is part of Workshops, Hackathons and Learn Computer Science, please bring $30 cash or pay me online before-hand for room hire, food and drinks and meetup subscription going! A small extra fee will apply for HR Recruiters and employers who are going to attend this event. (PM me)