Meet People & Learn to Dance - Beginner Workshop 2 of 2

What we'll do

Another great dance workshop for you - 9th September 2019

This night is set aside for the second of our 2 workshops. Regular classes will resume on Monday 16th September, or come along to one of our regular Wednesday and Friday classes.

Have you ever danced with someone and thought, “Wow! This person is great to dance with”. Have you ever watched someone dance, and thought, ‘Wow! I wish I could dance like that”. Workshops are designed to give you the skills, technique and confidence to be ‘that dancer’; the one everyone wants to dance with.

So, what is the difference between a regular class and a workshop? Regular classes have time set aside for teaching some dance moves, during which we also teach some dance skills. The rest of a regular class is then available for you to dance with as many people as you like so that you can practice the dance moves. Workshops are designed to work on skills and techniques, rather than on dance moves. This means we have more time to go deeper into the details of the ‘how-to’ be a better dancer.

Workshop content. Each workshop will emphasise different skills.

Start Time: Start time is 8:00 PM

Prerequisites: We recommend that you have done at least one regular class before attending workshops. If you have never attended one of our regular classes, you are still welcome to come to the workshops. Just understand that the skills and techniques of the workshop may not make a lot of sense until you have some context from attending a regular class.
Do I need a partner? It would help if you did bring a partner, but we will rotate during the workshops so that you can get to experience the feel of each skill with different dancers, as well as with our crew who know what they are doing.

Do I need to pre-book? If you attend the class on Wednesday or Friday, make sure you let the door staff know that you want to come and they will book you in. If you can’t make a class on Wednesday or Friday, let us know you are coming by responding to this email, and we will do our best to make the ratio of males to females even.

Can I use my multi-pass for the workshops? Sorry, the multi-passes are for regular classes and dance parties only.

What does a Workshop cost? One workshop for $25, or the 2 workshops for $40.

Will I enjoy myself? Oh yeah! Workshops are great fun!