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ONLINE - VIDEO: Businesses Engaging & Growing Together

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ONLINE - VIDEO: Businesses Engaging & Growing Together


Recognising the importance of maintaining good business and information relationships during the Covid-19 crisis, all Local Area Marketing & Networking groups have moved online and are FREE.

If you are self-isolating - no worries. Our meetings are via Zoom video, so you can continue networking from wherever you are!

We believe it's important for all business owners to be able to maintain their routines and operate as much as possible on a "business as usual" basis while adapting to constantly changed conditions.

Our scheduling and meeting structures remain consistent with program variances taking into account the new meeting environment.

Programs will be varied as needed taking into account the needs of members. Members are also encouraged to participate across our multi-group structure to broaden their marketplace and build new relationships.

This includes being able to participate online in our new Knowledge Program. A program update will be released shortly.

We collectively promote all individual group sessions and speakers through our other groups as well as externally.

This month's program includes:

Inside The (My) Autistic Mind.
Ben Cousins is a passionate IT Techie who spends his spare time tinkering away on his own software and hardware. He is Autistic and a mentor for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders. His keynote will give a small insight into what it is like to be Ben in a world of constant distraction. It’s going to be a fun and interactive presentation.

SPEAKER: Ben Cousins - Managing Director - Asperger Media.

Keep Calm - There's an Oil for That!
Navigating the pandemic, business, health and income issues is stressful and difficult for everyone - but there's some tried and tested things you can do to help ease the pressure.
Pure, potent, powerful essential oils have been used since ancient times initially in the Orient, East and Persia for every occasion, circumstance and situation! Today they are used in health immunity, cooking and general well being.
This INSIGHT will discuss the many options available and how they can help enhance important aspects of your life.

SPEAKER: Cherie Frost Hunt - Raindrop Technique Practitioner - The Raindrop Room.

What’s Your Unique Selling Point?
Do you know what differentiates your products or services from your competitors? The thing you offer that others don’t or can’t? If you haven’t got a USP or found it too difficult to work out, then your business is at a disadvantage. To be serious about promoting your business and maximising your business networking, you need to know your USP and share it to help your business stand out from the crowd.

This INSIGHT highlights why your USP is so important, provides some good examples and gives you tips to help you craft your own.

SPEAKER: Ralph Rintoule – Chief Executive Offer – Citrine Developments & Marketing


When you register via Meetup, you will see the Zoom session link. If you are a new group member, you won't be able to access this until your membership is approved. (Regardless of other group memberships).

To maintain secure access, these links change each month.

Prior to each online meeting, registrants can:
• Attend a test VIDEO session at 9pm the evening before to make sure everything is working for you (particularly if you are presenting or new to using Zoom). Access it here:
• Download our guide to protocols for our meetings to help you to get the best possible experience.

You can also keep informed via our social media site:

Looking forward to meeting you all online!

Joe Kowalewski
0404 767 482

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