Women Leaders and Innovators Lunch

What we'll do

The Macquarie University Incubator hosts a monthly meet-up for women who are interested in leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship and business.

Our aim is to help increase the participation of women in entrepreneurship and leadership roles, encouraging growth and development through the support, real-life experiences, and tips and tricks of other participants and speakers.

Founder and Owner of Made to Milk Lactation Cookies, Talissa Triffitt left her corporate job in 2017 while on an extended maternity leave to fuel her entrepreneurial fire and give the world of business ownership a crack. Assisting new mums in their breastfeeding journeys, her business has since skyrocketed into a worldwide success launching in both New Zealand and the US as well as this year being a finalist as a Start Up Superstar in the Hunter Business Awards and Talissa herself selected as a finalist for Emerging Ausmumpreneur of the Year. Now with an energetic two year old, Talissa is an advocate for mums finding their purpose and passion while wrangling toddlers – it can be done!

Topic: Start Up Savvy
Talissa will share her story navigating the start up world as a new mum with little experience and the challenges we face juggling motherhood, family life and a new business. Covering topics like starting on a non-existent budget, connecting and growing, using social media to your advantage and crushing the ‘just a mum’ belief, she will take us through activities and experiences that challenge age-old notions, push us to get out there, chase our dreams in the modern business world and nail the mum gig all at the same time.

The event is open to everyone – staff, students, externals.

We meet on the first Friday of every month.