The Science and Spirituality of 'Miracle' Healings

What we'll do

Will shares how for ten years prior to being diagnosed with a brain tumor and then cancer he had been studying mind body medicine, nutrition, spontaneous remissions, various energy healing modalities, the science of transformation and the corruption of science and the healthcare industry. Of course that study only deepened following diagnosis. The pathology of will's tumor indicated 2.5 year life expectancy. That was close to ten years ago and he experiences perfect health. In this talk we will learn the principles and guidelines of creating a 'miracle' healing.

This will include -
* the importance of personal power, sovereignty, intuition and how to access it, and how science and spirituality form a complementary approach.
* what research indicates are the 9 'levers' that people who have created outlier health outcomes consistently credit as being key
* how psychoneuroimmunology and the placebo effect evidence the validity of a wellbeing-first approach to physical health
* actionable practises and approaches to working with our illnesses or those our family might be suffering from.

This is a freely offered (optional dana donation) event.

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