Need for speed 8, performance tuning of your web application

What we'll do

Do you believe that more than 80% of web traffic in China comes from mobile devices?

We live in an era where people don’t bother opening their personal computers for browsing anymore. Because of this, the performance of the website or web applications has never been more important.

Join Yaser Adel Mehraban in this talk as he goes through what he does to speed up the applications he works on, why he does it, and the tools he uses to optimise front-end performance. You will look at minimising requests, using resource compression, page rendering and some other techniques which are crucial to consider for fine tuning your applications’ performance.

It is going to be fun and you will take home some tips and tricks to keep you busy for a while, and once applied, you will start hearing some wows and awesome feedback.

About the speaker: Yaser Adel Mehraban is a passionate software engineer, technologist, blogger, and father of two. He works as a senior consultant at Readify and considers himself to be a puppet master of code, bending the backend code to his will in elegant and ingenious fashion.

He is a “die hard” fan but don't hold this against him because, well, he is still a team player and, umm, poutine.