Kotlin DSL for Finite State Machines (FSM)

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Kotlin DSL for Finite State Machines (FSM)
by Corneil du Plessis

The typical Software Developer's day is looking for a solution to a complex (and even simple) problem in google. And more often than not, Baeldung blog has the solution already to those problems.
Keen on meeting one of the brains behind this blog?

Join Corneil on the journey of developing a Kotlin Multiplatform DSL for Finite State Machines (FSM). During the presentation, the need and use of finite state machines is discussed, and how to create a DSL in Kotlin for configuring an FSM.

The presentation ends with a performance comparison of executing a sample program on various Kotlin runtime options.

Currently the Chief Architect at JumpCo (https://jumpco.io/), Corneil has earned a living by programming since 1985 and has worked on very small embedded systems as well as large mainframe systems and everything in between. He has used a wide variety of programming languages and technologies to solve problems across very different domains.

He is an active contributor of the JVM community by being an organiser of Jozi-JUG, an author of https://www.baeldung.com/ blog, and speaker of several Java conferences like "I Code Java Conference 2019".

He is passionate about Developer Experience (DX), Scientific skeptic,

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