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NDC Community Tuesday feat. Troy Hunt & Mark Seemann

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We are very excited to announce this year's much anticipated NDC NNUG free community event! This year we have invited renowned speakers Troy Hunt and Mark Seemann to give us a real warm up before NDC kicks off.

Troy Hunt

Why do we keep getting pwned?

We continue to see the headlines on a daily basis – hacking, cyber-warfare, data breaches – but why does this continue? How is it that we continue to see our software compromised and even worse, continually compromised by the same set of common, well-known risks? In this session I’ll give an overview of some of the malicious activities we’re seeing online, how they’re successful and what sort of root causes are leading to these events. This will be a highly interactive session so bring your cyber-security questions with you and we’ll spend a good deal of time taking questions from the audience and discussing what it takes to stand up secure software amidst a world of increasing online attacks.

Mark Seemann

Types + Properties = Software

Given a sufficiently strong type system, you can model your problem domain in such a way that invalid states become unrepresentable. This is one of the corner stones of encapsulation, but requires a lot of effort in mainstream object-oriented languages. In functional languages like F# and Haskell, on the other hand, this is possible using a purely declarative approach to types.

Once your types can guarantee that only valid states are representable, Property-Based Testing becomes a breeze.

In this talk, we'll look at using the powerful combination of F# types and properties to address an example problem.

After the event, we will head over to the annual GeekBeer NDC Special at Oslo Mekaniske Verksted. More information here:


17:00 - Snacks and mingling

17:30 - Why do we keep getting pwned? By Troy Hunt

18:15 - Break

18:30 - Types + Properties = Software By Mark Seemann

19:15 - Head over to GeekBeer NDC Special at Oslo Mekaniske Verksted