Relaxation through Ease, Contentment and Imagination.

This is a past event

7 people went

Price: GBP5.00 /per person

The Liberi Center

Cranston Street · Edinburgh

How to find us

Cranston Street is just of the High Street ( Royal Mile). At the moment the outside paintwork is blue. There will be a sandwich board place at the entrance door with the Meetup sign.

Location image of event venue

What we'll do

This first Relaxation meeting will be part of an ongoing enjoyable moment of being able to get away from the outside world, if only for a short time.

You will be gently and consciously, in your mind, be lead into a world where you will be able to hear all that is around you.

Being in this relaxed and beautiful way allows the body to begin to heal itself, the nervous system to slow down, all cares and worries for that moment are not with you.

We will be sitting on chairs so that going into the Delta, sleep, state does not happen. We want to remain in Alpha/ high Theta that twilight state that we experience just before we fully go to sleep or completely wake up.

A creative visualisation will guide you into another world of peace and harmony. Together, on a journey we will go. Your mind is a storehouse of information from so many experiences. Experiences that you will remember, experiences you don't remember and experiences yet still to happen. After this wondrous and beautiful time together with your mind. you may sense something has "shifted". You will feel completely at peace with the world with a sense of something, just learned.