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Fintech predictions for 2019

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Come to Stone & Chalk the home of Melbourne fintech and hear from our panelists whilst enjoying some free pizza and drink on what is "The Future of Fintech in 2019".

The Panel:

Alan Tsen; GM of Stone & Chalk Melbourne and Chair of FinTech Australia

Paul Naphtali; Venture Capitalist from Rampersand & Non executive Director of Assembly Payments

Christina Hobbs; Co-Founder/CEO Verve Super

Who is the panel?

Alan Tsen;

is the Melbourne GM of Stone & Chalk - an independent, not-for-profit fintech hub which fosters and accelerates the development of world-leading fintech start-ups.

He is also currently the chair of FinTech Australia where he has led numerous submissions to government departments on digital currency and blockchain tech - including the removal of 'double GST' from digital currency and amendments to KYC/AML laws designed to incorporate digital currency.

Alan holds Bachelors degrees in Law and Commerce and a Masters degree in Commerce (Econ). He is also admitted to practice as a Barrister and Solicitor in the state of Victoria.

Paul Naphtali;

Paul is a partner of Rampersand, an early stage Australian/NZ tech venture capital fund. Since launching in 2013 Rampersand has backed more than 20 high growth tech startups (and is looking for more), including AssemblyPayments, Spaceship and other fintechs. Before Rampersand Paul lived in Silicon Valley, where he was a senior marketing exec with a number of successful venture back startups.

Christina Hobbs;

Christina Hobbs is the CEO and Co-Founder of Verve Super -Australia's first superannuation fund for women. Christina is a former Deloitte Management Consultant. Prior to founding Verve, she worked for a decade with the UN as a humanitarian financial inclusion expert utilising technology to facilitate emergency cash assistance in global hotspots such as Iraq, Syria and Somalia. She was a founding Director of the Global Women's Project and is a published author on gender equality.
This event is proudly run and hosted by Stone & Chalk

Stone & Chalk is an independent, not-for-profit Fintech hub. We foster and accelerate the development of world-leading Fintech start-ups and act as a centre of gravity for the local Fintech eco-system.

We support the growth of the highest quality Fintech start-ups in Australia, across the full spectrum of the Fintech landscape – payments, peer-to-peer, crowd-funding, automated advice, capital markets, crypto-currencies, etc.

All our resident fintech startups are of high growth potential and must first pass through our selection process before being accepted as resident members. Our resident startups represent a wide range of different disruptive and innovative fintech categories including smarter faster machines, new market platforms, investment management, payments, alternative banking, market based lending, e-KYC, insurance, equity crowdfunding; data sharing frameworks, IoT. wearables, distributed/consensus ledger platforms and cyber security.

To find out more or become a member of our community go to
Stone & Chalk Melbourne (Goods Shed North)
710 Collins St, Docklands · Melbourne
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