Benefits of Using A Project Marketer (Roy Halabi) + Real Deal (Marcus Waugh)

What we'll do

Come Join Us To Celebrate!!

September marks our 1 Year Anniversary of bringing Property Developer Network to Sydney! We would like to thank everyone in our Sydney community for your support over the past 12 months!

Bringing together the collective knowledge & experience of your local community to assist you in progressing you on your property development journey.

We kick off at 1:00pm sharp so please arrive at least 15 minutes early for registration.

This Month:

This month's Industry Expert will be Roy Halabi from Guardian Property Specialists who will be speaking about the 'Benefits of Using A Project Marketer for your next Development Project'.

In his presentation, Roy will cover:

- What is a Project Marketer
- How and When are Project Marketers used
- How do they differ from a standard Real Estate Agent
- What should you give to a Project Marketer to sell your stock
- What are the costs involved for using a Project Marketers vs a standard Real Estate Agent
- Key considerations for 'off the plan' contracts

Roy Halabi has been involved in the Real Estate industry since 2001. His skills stretch from getting involved with projects from inception, design, inclusions, layouts and pricing; as well as Commercial property transactions from a small retail property to large developments sites.

As Director of Guardian Property Specialists, Roy and his team guide developers and investors, by providing them with step by step directions through the obstacle course of disinformation disguised as research. Their up to date research, skills and tools focus on providing clients with lifelong investment opportunities in any property market.

This month's Real Deal comes from Marcus Waugh and was a Subdivision & Townhouse deal in Merewether on a 504m2 block.

The project involved demolishing the existing house, subdividing the land and building two attached torrens titled townhouses.

The project saw some twists and turns after they suffered time delays due to starting with the wrong architect, as well as issues with the Building contract and subsequent poor legal representation after choosing the wrong builder.

With all of these issues considered, the project was a success and was attributed to a good project location and solid pre-sales.

As with all Real Deals you will learn from the experience of others within the group as they present their own deals, and see what can go right and what can go wrong in your project, what profit they projected and then what profit they actually achieved.

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Social Drinks afterwards:

Don't forget that the meeting is only part of the reason to attend, the after drinks networking every month is a highlight with many a JV partner or deal found over a beverage or two.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Rob Flux