Inner Healing Workshop

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“All the forces that created you are at your disposal. We have simply forgotten our rights of access to these. We have the power to activate the forces of Healing in our Inner Verse.”

In the modern world of competing demands for your attention, few people rarely relax completely. The body remains in a constant state of Fight or Flight. In this state certain function such as digestion, regeneration and reproduction switch off.

Tension, constriction and stagnation are the precursors of illness, as they lead to a block of flow and reduced immunity, higher acidity. Arthritis, failing senses, brain fog, thyroid weakness, prostrate problems and hernias are consequences.

Each of us has the capacity to switch into the Healing State simply through the power of Intention and Attention.

In this workshop Julia Chai - Qigong Teacher and DNA Cellular Healer - will take you on a tour through your internal body architecture that is often neglected and in the field of unawareness.

Eckhart Tolle writes about the Power of Now. This workshop is an opportunity to train in the power of conscious presence, and you will emerge from this workshop with a refreshed and rebalanced inner architecture and evolved awareness of your ability to activate Inner Healing.

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