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Renee Speaking
Renee Speaking
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What we'll do

Located in the private theatre at XXXX Alehouse. Street parking is available and only 5 minutes walk from Milton train station.

The 2 hour workshop hosted by Renee Hinds and Spencer Smith includes the following subjects:

- Stages of Grief
- Recovering from Depression
- The Health Paradox
- Work/Life Balance

Tickets are $20 at the door. Canapes and non-alcoholic beverage on arrival. Come along and share in what will be an amazing learning experience.

In particular, if you have an interest in mental and emotional health, learning how to seamlessly integrate work and life and living for a long time not a short time then Spencer and Renee look forward to welcoming you.

More about the Guest Speakers - Renee Hinds and Spencer Smith


Renee is a mental health advocate and creator of popular blog Renee Speaking, where she shares her experiences, learnings, leads discussion and tips for mental and emotional wellbeing. Renee invites visitors to her blog to interact, comment and express their insights into this great world of mental and emotional health.

Renee has a Certificate IV in Mental Health Work (Non-Clinical) and a Certificate IV in Alcohol and other Drug Work. She speaks regularly in corporate and team meetings, conferences and youth functions and has spoken at international seminars.

Her mission is to inspire those who feel they have reached rock bottom and have nothing left to live for. She herself has been to that dark place where there is absolutely no vision through dark and stormy clouds and along with many others has come through it and lived to see another day.

Renee is a great believer that the sun can shine again in our lives and intends to keep sharing her story of how she recovered. She does this in the hope that others will find the courage and comfort in knowing that pain eventually fades away and life can be great once again.

What others are saying:

“Renee is a gifted speaker who possesses excellent knowledge of topics relevant to mental and emotional health. She is also a lot of fun to spend time with and genuinely caring.” Alanna Sorrensen
Manager, Total Care Services
Bachelor of Social Work & Masters Forensic Mental Health

“Renee is a remarkable speaker and has the ability to share real life experiences of complex issues with an ease that provides clarity and understanding to the listener. She not only motivates but inspires and has personally assisted me along my business journey as a counsellor”
Bev McKenzie
Owner of Private Practice
Dip. Counselling

Spencer Smith is The Transformation Coach, a passionate advocate of health and wellness.
After facing the threat of type two diabetes, Spencer went through his own transformation and quit alcohol, lost 6kg in 6 weeks and changed his own habits and behaviours around diet and lifestyle.
He became a health and life coach and a master of habit change.

He takes his clients through a transformative twelve-week program for those seeking to reverse the effects of chronic disease, eating disorders and digestive issues.
His clients have achieved remarkable breakthroughs turning their lives around including weight loss, formation of new habits and behaviours around diet and movement and discovering a new and improved version of themselves.

He believes in Change for Life and the philosophy that permanent, long lasting change is achievable for everybody.