Awakening (Nondual) Meets with ROhan

Satsang (Non-Duality Meeting) with ROhan
Satsang (Non-Duality Meeting) with ROhan
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Lagoon Drive · Yallingup

How to find us

Please contact us for the exact location details.

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What we'll do

8am & 8pm
Here we have fun, & truly explore the vast Innerverse, beyond the false outer identification called "I" or Ego we inherited from our "Tribal Concerns" & Evolutionary Biology.

No previous experience in Nonduality, Self-Realization, Awakening, Enlightenment etc required, although willingness is. fact, it is usually a great advantage to be innocent of all "spiritual" beliefs. Only willingness to deeply heal our heart wounds & beliefs is required.

...please know... this type of work is not for everyone, nor is it a social group per se, so please do not apply if this is your goal, there is a limited number of spots & refusal may offend.

This type of work ends in true Inner Contentment & Happiness for no reason, it is not a New Age idea or Religion for Spiritual egos to hide in.

It is the seeing & the undoing of the thoughts that create our personal prison, revealing our true self, best described as like a small child's love for life but with wisdom.

ROhan works on all levels of consciousness, seen & unseen, directly with you, while reveals tips & tricks for you to hack the fear-based identity, eventually resulting in the natural state of bliss arising from where it always was, within!

Until now the vast majority of ROhan's work has been via word of mouth from those finding great shifts in consciousness around him, he now extends the offering to others looking for Higher Consciousness, peace within.

If you are not in West Australia, please contact us if you are interested in a Live online option for this event.

More information here at the website also.