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Sutherland Shire Conscious Community
Sutherland Shire Conscious Community
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Heart Space Manor

45 Oxford St · Bondi Junction

How to find us

5 mins walk from Bondi Junction train station. We are located on the corner, please enter on the door at the side of the house.

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What we'll do

Have you been living in your head and wanting it to stop, the incessant monkey mind, the negative thoughts, and all of the stresses accumulated from having a mind that is too active, whether it is:

Not being able to feel open and connected to others
Trouble sleeping and calming down
Low energy levels as you are so much used to thinking and channeling a lot of your energy into needless mind chatter
Unhappy or relationships you know could be deeper but just don't feel relaxed enough in your body for your heart to open?
A lack of intimacy in your relationships because your body is living in the past. The stress and trauma of the past is making your body feel stiff, heavy and locked into outdated patterns you keep repeating?
Tight, aching muscles, trouble deep breathing, perhaps headaches and foggy mind

We all need to release every single day, release yesterday and the past otherwise it builds up and we accumulate too much, and we start feeling disconnected.

Perhaps you have trouble surrendering to a man, trusting him, and allowing him to hold you because your nervous system is too wired and in defence mode?

Do you wish you had more of that fem flow, that radiance and grace you see from women who have their lustrous, sensual, creative juices in flow mode - well beautiful, you can too, it's our natural nature, all of us both men and women have feminine energy, we just need to allow ourselves to relax, receive and channel it.

We will take you on a deep journey back to YOU, simply to who you are so the old baggage will melt away that has been making you feel stuck, lacklustre, and heavy.

The Sound Healing Masterclass brings you into a deep state of rest so you can heal your nervous system, release the stress, calm the mind and take you into that deep held place so your heart can begin to open again.

You will be guided to connect to the core of your existence, your soul, your womb, your yoni, your heart, the places where our feminine power lies so you can emerge a woman with confidence, with grace, with a heart wide open ready to connect to this world and share her gifts.

Your cup will be recharged to 110% so you naturally and with no effort shine and beam your radiance out into the world.

And this, my love, will allow you to be a magnet, to attract situation, relationships, abundance, opportunities as you are now leading from POWER and not FORCE, STRUGGLE, AND HUSSLE!

Curt Hannagan combines ancient sound tools and techniques to penetrate the mind and body, quietening the monkey mind from excessive thoughts and chatter and slowing down the nervous system to evoke deep rest and healing to the mind, body and spirit.

What to expect?

In this session, you will find deeper clarity and stillness within the mind and be able to release high stress levels from the body.

The sound also works with dissolving limiting belief systems and activates and opens the heart centre + inspires and promotes positive change and outlooks on life so we can transform and shift into high vibing successful individuals who naturally thrive.

The power of sound healing assists with rewiring the central nervous system which then enables us to create new insights and visions for our life moving forward, eradicating stagnation from the mind and body which can play a part in holding us back from fulfilling our highest values, dreams and achievements in life.

A powerful combination, a self love smorgasbord! Get ready for...

Ancient Sound Tools including:
Native American Flutes
Native American Rain Sticks
RAV Vast Frequency Drum
Angel Chimes
African Djembe Drums
Crystal Bowls
Ancient Tibetan bowls

- Breathing techniques: Release all you have been holding onto
- Mantras: Clear our throat and active our power to command and manifest
- doTERRA essential oils: We use therapeutic, highest grade plant medicines applied onto the third eye and other activation centres for detoxification and cleansing

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