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SydJS: Classic
SydJS: Classic
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What we'll do

Last month at SydJS I hoped that everyone wanted to not just be a Coder, but to be a Creative Coder. To move away from worrying about code and platforms and libraries and to focus on what those tools allow us to achieve.

To create solutions that delight.
To creatively solve problems.
To let creativity take you to places the product hadn't dreamt.
To fall in love with creating code the way you did when you first learnt

Being a programmer is hard. Being a good programmer is even harder.

Being creative every day balances your programming.

At SydJS this month we're meeting some of the folks from Creative Coding Sydney. We'll get a feel for how their creativity drives them, and see how their creativity lets them solve problems bigger than whether to adopt yesterday's newest framework.



Chris Berry - Motion Orchestra

Have you ever thought you needed music controlled solely with your body movements? No? Too bad, because that's what this talk is giving you.

Sam Scheding - Throwback to that time Microsoft actually made something cool

Sit back and relax while Sam Scheding forces you to relive his childhood by recreating a classic screensaver from the 1990's in P5.js. Relatively new to P5.js, Sam will talk about what he's learned over the last couple of months so you can learn from his mistakes.

Anthony Doueihi - Everything can be an Instrument in the Browser

If you ever wanted to be a musician, this is the talk for you! A brief lesson on how to turn whatever you want into a music making machine using Tone JS and a couple other adjacent libraries.

Josh O'Brien - Canva in 225 bytes

How many bytes do you need to build a design tool? In this talk, Canva frontend developers will go through the winning solution to an internal code golf hackathon, and the hacks used to reduce it down to the size of a tweet.



Every 3rd Wednesday of the month you'll find us talking about what we're doing and what's happening around us in the world of JavaScript.

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