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Single Instruction Multiple Data Programming
Single Instruction Multiple Data Programming Modern CPUs have instructions that can process multiple data elements simultaneously on a single core. Leveraging this form of parallelism can bring a significant performance boost, especially in the kind of number-crunching tasks that are common in games. This talk is an introduction to the subject, explaining why this programming model exists and how to use it in C++ code. Most of the focus will be on x64 CPUs, but we will also briefly touch on what happens when SIMD is scaled up massively - GPU compute! Mihnea Balta has started working in the games industry in 2001 and has filled many roles since then, from low-level engine and network programming, to gameplay logic, to tools. He has contributed to both AAA and small indie titles on PC, consoles and mobile platforms, and for about 10 years ran an outsourcing company that provided development services in areas such as offline rendering, content pipeline tools, performance optimization and audio/video processing. He now works as a software engineer for Wargaming Sydney. • Agenda 5:45pm – Guests arrive and network 6:15pm – Hello and introduction to speakers 6:20pm – Topic 1 7:00pm – Network/closing This is a free event sponsored by Wargaming Sydney for the community. Some food and drinks are provided. Please RSVP as there are limited spots available and for catering purposes.

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