Free Code Camp's Coding Time!

What we'll do

The aim of this meetup is to encourage total beginners to start their Free Code Camp journey.

If you are totally new to programming and want to learn, we recommend you to sign up for a free account at and just focus on doing the first section around 'Responsive Web Design Certification'. We have mentors on the day to assist you in going through this course.

Our common goal is to accomplish 'Responsive Web Design Certification' which according to Free Code Camp requires around 300 hours to finish.

It's pretty easy-going... we meet up at 10am and finish up around 12pm, although you can stay longer.

We will meet at Bankstown Sports (short walk from the station). If you reside inside the 5km radius you have to become a Bankstown Sports member, be signed in by a member or use a financial membership card from another club. Car park is free after ticket validation.

Please show your support in any way you can to the business for letting us use their space.

If you are not able to come on site, join us via slack

Looking forward to meeting you guys :)