Supper Club: What is the role of education in addressing global problems?

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Supper Clubs at The Bonny Doon Homestead are a way to discuss interesting, relevant and complex issues with a diverse group of people over good food and drinks.
From a developmental understanding of humanity we believe that we are all on a path of learning in which we transcend and include our previous ways of knowing and being. In light of this, the only rule is that we listen and respect the perspective that each person brings. Food and drinks donations are welcomed and can be made by cash or Venmo.

July 13th Topic: What is the role of education in addressing global problems?
Education has many roles including personal development, employment, social cohesion, citizenship, knowledge acquisition etc. With the emergence of global crises such a climate change, biodiversity loss, cultural colonialism and rising childhood depression/suicide, does education have a role beyond serving cultural, economic and political trends? If so, what can guide such a ‘futures oriented’ education? Where is the line between cultivating whole healthy humans and 'shaping' minds towards an agenda? Conscious educators from all domains and backgrounds welcome (Professors, K-12, administrators, home schoolers, unschoolers, Philosophers, private/public teachers, etc.). Let’s eat, discuss and be inspired.