Psychology Seminar: Imagination, Symbol, Alchemy and Authenticity

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Canada Water Library

21 Surrey Quays Rd · London

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Room 5 at Canada Water Library, London

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What we'll do

Ways to Self is a psychology seminar series in which we will be uncovering a hidden map of the Soul through an exploration of ancient dreams, myths and symbols.

​Through his extensive researches in the early 20th century the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung has given us a rich legacy of insight into the development of character.

Jung observed in the individuals that he worked with in his therapy practice the unfolding of a natural inner impulse towards a more balanced, healthy and harmonious way of being.

This 'inner impulse' manifested itself through the spontaneous play of the imagination in dreams, fantasies and visions which Jung saw as efforts of the Unconscious to convey vitally important messages which serve to 'update' our day-to-day conscious attitude.

Thus, through a harmonious relationship between the Unconscious and Consciousness, a more complete, actualized and balanced personality emerges.

This 'whole' personality Jung called: the "Self".

Our effort in 'Ways to Self' will be to elevate to consciousness the essential nature of the Self through an exploration of the eternal images which repeatedly, and cross-culturally, well up from the deep of the Unconscious in the form of dream, intuition, belief, ritual and art...

These seminars may be relevant for anyone with an interest in psychology, spirituality, contemporary film, literature, mythology, philosophy and personal development.

Here is a clip from a recent seminar:

The Stages of Alchemy

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