Let's meet, eat and network, women on the Mornington Peninsula

What we'll do

I have always believed in the long lunch & it seems it's coming back into fashion, or is that only me & a few of my networking colleagues? Well I'm reintroducing it for women on the Mornington Peninsula who are in business, on the Mornington Peninsula, in the food & wine industry.
Anything that is involved in the food & wine industry is fine, journalists, writers, printers as well as farmers, winemakers, caterers, cafe, restaurant or winery owners, everyone & anyone is keen on sharing their ideas, passions & thoughts to help create a more sustainable MP for us all, protect our amazing food bowl & build each other up by supporting each others businesses.
I will prepare a local, seasonal lunch using amazing local ingredients plus you can sip on a glass of Crittenden Estate sparkling wine to top lunch off.

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