Melbourne: Writing about Security Incidents | Season of Docs 19 - Retrospective

Write the Docs Australia
Write the Docs Australia
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What we'll do

6.00 pm - 6.20 pm: Networking, Food
6.25 pm - 6.50 pm: Writing for Security Incidents, Lilly Ryan
6.55 pm - 7.20 pm: Season of Docs 2019 - Retrospective, Felicity Brand
7.20 pm - 7.30 pm: Wrap-up

Writing for Security Incidents, Lilly Ryan

As a penetration tester, Lilly Ryan's job is to find security vulnerabilities in software, but the most exciting bug in the world isn't worth anything if you can't describe to others how to find it again.

How do you describe a security vulnerability in a way that conveys its risks adequately to others? How do you avoid sensationalism without making a report sound dry? And how many hackers does it take to place an Oxford comma correctly in a sentence?

Season of Docs 2019 - Retrospective, Felicity Brand

Felicity has worked as a tech writer for over 10 years and recently moved from the traditional corporate world to freelance remote work - and now finds herself swimming in the open-source ocean.

Felicity participated in the inaugural Google Season of Docs in 2019 and will share her experience. Google has appointed a program manager for Season of Docs 2020, so it is highly likely they will run the program again. Come along to hear about it firsthand.