Speaker Series #5: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in Mauritius (By Mr Sumaroo)

Docks Lounge

· Port Louis

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Note: Updated location (on the way to Suffren)

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Level of Understanding: Beginner

About Suyash Sumaroo (Returning Speaker)

Suyash has over 10 years experience in the software development sector. Being a full-stack developer, he launched Codevigor and helped develop and launch various cloud-based services based on the SaaS model. Suyash has been specializing in CryptoCurrency and Blockchain technologies since 2015 and has been among the first to launch blockchain-based commercial products and services in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean. Suyash is currently the co-founder of Horizon Africa, which is a full-fledged blockchain created for the Mauritian and African market to cater for blockchain use cases in various sectors and is also the Technology Lead in CryptoFish, which is a platform facilitating the purchase of Cryptocurrencies worldwide and is accepted in over 185 countries.

About this Talk (In Person)

We will have an overview of what is happening in the blockchain space in Mauritius, the different projects along with what the future holds for Mauritius from a technology perspective.

Special Note:

(A) Following the last meetup, we have decided to classify our speaker series as (a) beginner, (b) moderate (practical) or (c) advanced to cater to the needs of different audiences. We will alternate between beginner and advanced sessions for our speaker series.

About the Mauritius Blockchain Meetup's Speaker Series

As far as practicable, on the last Thursday of each month, we will invite a blockchain and digital asset expert, influencer and/or entrepreneur from around the world to share their current work and past experiences with our members. Our aim for this non-formal event is geared towards inviting our members to learn from, and connect with, our speakers and enrich their professional paths in this space. This event is not structured as a lecture, but rather an apolitical, action-oriented conversation.

The Speaker Series is conducted via video conference (unless Speaker is in Mauritius) and is structured as a 30-minute presentation on a particular topic, with a maximum of 30 additional minutes of Q&A (for a total of 1 hour). Members are encouraged to network after.

RSVP required. Space limited.

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