Lunch & Learn with Datacom - Cyber Security 101

What we'll do

An introduction into cybersecurity and what the key things you should be doing to protect your business.

This will be a lunch and learn format, where questions and discussions are encouraged.

A list of ‘go-to’ online resources will also be shared.

“As a founder, when developing and scaling your business, there are hundreds of things you have to juggle each day. However, as your business grows, protecting your systems and data is an ever-present challenge. For most people, cybersecurity is not well understood and the challenges can be confusing. We cannot all be cybersecurity experts, but a basic understanding can help equip you to have meaningful conversations about cybersecurity risks, impacts and value in your business.

Come and listen to Juan van Tonder, Head of Datacom’s Australian Cybersecurity Operations Centre (a 24x7x365 centre based here in Brisbane) as he gives you an introduction to cybersecurity and the key things you should consider to protect your business.”