Ubuntu - A World Free of Money

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What we'll do

Can you imagine a world without money? It is money that controls us, enslaves us, and divides us. Money is the reason you have to work 8 hours a day at a job you hate, instead of following your dreams. It is the reason a child starves to death every 5 seconds somewhere on this planet. It creates hunger, poverty, war, crime, pollution and environmental devastation. Without money, all these problems would disappear virtually overnight.

The primary goal of this group is to create a world without money, using the Ubuntu model, which you can learn more about here: Ubuntu: A World Without Money (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sxwXjqawEw&t=1s). I strongly recommend you watch this 15 minute video before coming to the meetup, so you can get informed - and hopefully excited - about what we are trying to achieve.

We want to create a community of 1000 people who will change the world by proving it is possible to live without money… and not only live, but live better than people who are enslaved by money. Within this community you could do anything you wanted for a living… teach meditation, spiritual healing, write, paint, play music, sing. Follow your passion, whatever it may be. Once we have shown the world it is possible, others will want to follow our example, and it will start a domino effect that changes the world.