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What we’re about

Welcome, spiritual people! We live in exciting times where spirituality is open to all who are ready.

There is a wonderful, sacred place where you can go for spiritual wisdom. Some say they felt they have come home, or visited to a new country and experienced a past life there. Others say they have a secret inner garden, or a sacred peaceful place they visit, when they sleep at night. While still others meet with their spiritual guides in dreams, or go to a spiritual wisdom temple to share and learn from stories on spiritual wisdom and how to work with the spiritual laws of life in the present. As they explore further, they may begin to recognise myriad spiritual experiences in their everyday life, when they are aware of the spiritual significance of otherwise apparently ordinary events. There are some, who describe their experiences as a miracle. They now have more love and joy in their lives. You can learn about spiritual exercises which can take you into a greater understanding about your own life and more. We will offer simple spiritual techniques for you to try. Then with a bit of time, effort and self discipline through contemplation and singing a sacred sound like HU you can go there within yourself, many people have done in the past, and still do today! Some of us who have had spiritual experiences, and some who would like to, love to get together, study spiritual books, discuss, share and ask questions about what these experiences mean and share techniques to explore our inner worlds. There are many stories to share, for everyone is unique and different.

Some topics of interest we will cover over the year include: How Past Lives Affect Us Today, Dream study, Accessing Your Own Inner Wisdom How to master change, Waking Dreams, Past Life Recall, Soul Travel, and finding inner peace, Finding Your Own Purpose, Letting Go of Fears, Creating Your Own Reality, Accessing Your Own Inner Wisdom, Spiritual Growth and Transformation, Masters and Inner Guides, Spiritual Wisdom on Relationships, and many more.

This Meetup is sponsored by Eckankar as a FREE community service.