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Listen for the Voice of God in the Sound of Soul
• What we'll do There is a two-letter word that can profoundly expand your awareness. There is a two-letter word that is for the upliftment of all. Listen for the sound that is stirring in your very atoms. There is a sacred sound that connects heaven and earth. There is a two-letter word that many people are discovering. There is a sacred sound that can make a profound difference in your life. Singing HU can bring peace and calm. Discover a sacred word with infinite possibilities. There is a sacred word that has been sung for thousands of years. Join us as we listen for the voice of God in the Sacred Sound of Soul – HU. Then discuss with friendly like-minded people how this sound helps to find answers to the many questions life presents to us every day. This free event commences at 12 noon and concludes with light refreshments and further informal discussion. “Everything in the right amount brings an abundance of life and fulfillment … “Life gives and takes, but always gives again. Be thankful for wisdom, be grateful for existence. “Life is precious. Love it, and it will return unfoldment to you a thousand times. We live in a time of unequalled spiritual opportunity. “This world and the thing in it are for exploration, study and joy. “Immerse yourself in living. Pet a cat, hug a child, or love a dog. Eat an ice-cream cone, have some pie- but do all things in moderation. “Ask yourself, what is for my highest good? “Take a walk by yourself or with a loved one. Listen for the Voice of God in the sounds of nature. “There is a plan to living; there is order. Love and let God love you.” —Harold Klemp The Sound of Soul, p. 58 & 59 • What to bring • Important to know

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    Have you had vivid dreams? Have you had a spiritual experience? What do you recognize as a spiritual experience? How have your spiritual experiences helped you in your everyday life? Interested in finding out more about your own past lives and reincarnation?

    Meet other spiritual people who have had experiences like you. You can connect with other like-minded Souls and learn new ways of exploring your inner worlds.

    Meet other locals who share profound and transformational personal experiences and discuss ways to incorporate spirituality into everyday life. We offer informal spiritual discussions, workshops and other events that will help you to explore your inner worlds and to thrive spiritually.

    Topics of interest include:

    Dream study, Waking Dreams, Past Life Recall, Soul Travel, and finding inner peace.

    You can learn about simple spiritual exercises which can take you into a greater understanding about your own life and more. Topics include: Finding Your Own Purpose, Letting Go of Fears, Creating Your Own Reality, Accessing Your Own Inner Wisdom, Spiritual Growth and Transformation, Masters and Inner Guides, How Past Lives Affect Us Today, Spiritual Wisdom on Relationships, and many more,

    Eckankar is an ancient spiritual teaching and a modern-day religion that is a resource for all people, whatever their religious background, to make spiritual experiences an everyday reality in their life.

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