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For over 20 years Kevin Morgan has been a testing professional focusing on manual testing, process improvements and the like. Although he has never shied away from the more technical aspects of his job – he can confirm results through queries like a machine – there has always been a convenient excuse getting in the way of learning how to do that newest thing – automation. It’s not that he ever denied that it was useful and should be a valuable cornerstone of any test strategy but rather there was always something more important for Kevin himself to be doing or learning at the time. Recently Kevin become convinced that this automation fad was probably here to stay and wondered what the best way to start his path of learning. Kevin knew that the tired adage of ‘can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ didn’t apply to him because he’s far too stubborn to give up easily.

What he did find was that there are thousands of ‘best paths’ to learning this stuff out there. Hundreds of courses that claim to know what you need to know and how to get there. Upon the advice of some very wise people Kevin decided that learning API testing would be a great entry point into the automation world. It could give him some foundational skills and teach him the context to really understand some of the more advanced concepts being taught. So much of the training relied on saying things that were completely obvious to the instructor but took him 2 hours of tertiary investigation on his own just to understand.
Kevin has succeeded in learning API testing, in spite of the seemingly best efforts of experts to confuse him and in this presentation, he’s going to help you get on the road to becoming an API expert with context, translations, explanations and in the end an enlightening demo. There might be a story or two of paths best not taken if you’re lucky.


Kevin has been an IT software professional for over 20 years in a variety of industries including financial services, insurance, telecommunications, occupational health, logistics and healthcare.

His QA career began in the early 1990’s when he was tasked with testing a new banking system that was being implemented at a financial institution where he worked. A short time later he was hired by a company to test the same banking system again as it was implemented for 157 credit unions through BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

After 6 years he began his career as an independent QA professional working for the company that created the banking system.
Since then, his work has included engagements with companies such as IBM, ICBC, Telus, Finning, Vancity, WorkSafeBC as both a Test Lead and a QA Manager on highly complex implementations and Enterprise business transformations.


Reuben is a self-motivated Software Tester with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry. He enjoys working with a team or individually to complete objectives and is able to adapt in high paced work environments. Organization, clear communication, time management, positive attitude and attention to detail are some of his defining attributes

He has been with PLATO since February 14, 2019. He has worked with Trans-Link, Fortis, BC Hydro, Rain City Housing and Blue Spurs. He enjoys the amazing support from other teams that he has worked on.