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What we’re about

For everyone who wants Energy healing, Chakra balancing, Spiritual Guidance and Spiritual development.

Learn Ancient sacred Meditation, Kriya, Pranayama (rhythmic diagram breathing) & Yoga from a realized Spiritual Master.

Participate in Mantra Chanting (Beej mantra chanting) & Kirtan Healing (spiritual singing).

*Looking for a Life Transformation, Life Control, Self-Empowerment & Self-Realization*

We also practice Bhakti to (Lead With Your Heart). Bhakti can help you transform moments of heartbreak into a romance with life itself. Dhyaan Meditation provides you POSITIVE, FOCUSED, PEACEFUL MENTAL STATE.

Group healing (Guided Sri Rudram)-Sri Rudram is a excellent guided-prayer intended for everything to be Cherished in the world, granting of what all you ask for, destroying sins, eternal happiness, and to attain Moksha Which is ( liberation )

*Volunteers are welcomed*

Our Vision is "To spread Unconditional Love giving emphasis to the universal family hood and dedicate towards universal spiritual awakening to enhance collective consciousness thereby provide the full potential to experience divine love & attain Bliss". 

Shri Rudraji - A Healer & Awakener