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Discover the Matrix of Your Soul Journey
Dear Friends, This meet up will help you to Claim the Power hidden in your genetic I Ching Code and Create a super charged year with natural time and ancient wisdom. What are your dreams? What are you here to cause and create? What is holding you back? Our next meeting at the hospital is February 28th in Sharfstein room C, not in Abramson as usual. Please check the schedule a week before. I will let you know if Abramson, our usual room becomes available. The theme of this meeting/painting party is "Rebirth". We will have a little journey into your inner world and bring to light the seeds you have planted, the roots they have grown, and the fruits that you have gotten from your efforts. We will look into how your journey so far have contributed to your life purpose and what you are choosing to manifest next. Then we will co-create some easy to follow strategies and steps to get you moving ahead. The next meeting in my Soul Spa House Studio in Northbrook is February 24, 1 pm - 6 pm. This first painting party will start a 9-month journey of self-initiation and self-appreciation and a deep exploration of your personal gifts. The theme of this journey is My Legacy. It will help you remember your incarnation purpose and give your true voice the power and confidence. You see, no matter how much of approval you are trying to receive, it will never feel enough. the only approval that matters is an "approval" of your Soul. This feeling of being aligned with the true purpose is priceless and you are the only one who can get it from Everchanging, Everknowing, Ever-expanding Self. Each month the journey will include: Painting Party for the Soul (materials included) - Last Saturday or Sunday of the month 1- 6 pm Hologenetic Mandala of your Soul Incarnation Monthly support video call on Zoom - Second Wednesday of the month at 7 - 8 pm If you are reading this message, you have gotten this invitation for a reason. You are called to be aligned with your Stars. You are an important part of this initiation. If you are ready to bring forth your inner visions, it is your time to shine. The meetings at my house are only for those who feel called to Be More. They are by registration only. Monthly investment is $120 paid in person or via PayPal to [masked] (message line "My Legacy February" ( Please change the name of the month accordingly for each monthly payment) Please contact me if you have questions or need to talk personally[masked] Many blessings, See you soon. Svetlana We will be meeting in the Skokie hospital on the 4th Wednesday of the month and on the last Saturday or Sunday of the month at my home studio in Northbrook to grow our Visions into aware actions, using new and full moons as well as 8 Super Power Days to help align your Life to Our meetings are focused on awakening your latent potential, intuition, clairvoyance, and alchemical skills - expanding your ability to change elements of your life and bring your visions into the physical form. Canvas would be just a magical portal for this work. No experience necessary. Nothing happens by chance. If you are reading it, your time has arrived. Are you going to show up for it? P.S. What you can expect when working with Svetlana: Deep relaxation leading to phenomenal bio-energetic changes within your body and life Profound connection to latent potentials and gradual awakening to the full spectrum of consciousness Finding your Soul connection to the Dream Arc, eliminating doubts and fears and embodying your true strength and superpowers You are here because Evolution has called your name. It is time to unveil and celebrate your connection to divine will and destiny. Are you ready to open and enjoy your eternal gifts? See you soon! Svetlana

Rush North Shore Medical Center

9600 Gross Point Rd · Skokie

What we're about

Public Group

Unique Transformational Journey into Matrix

Why join?
To be in this group is to experience a portal into 5D world, integrating and upgrading both your spirit and earth matter at a light speed. Diving into the Quantum Field of all possibilities initiated extraordinary events in my life. I felt inspired to create a meeting, study and practice space for people that want to experience the power of Matrix Energetics and conscious transformation.

Join us for:
Monday study groups (second Monday of the month at 7:30 pm)
Wednesday Alchemy Playgrounds and Tibetan Bowls Sound healing (forth Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm)
Sunday New Human Energetics: Light Body, Tantra, Thai Sessions (third Sunday of the month at 1:30 pm - check our calendar for summer schedule)
Tuesday Lighthouse tele-meetings: Sacred Family Space (first and third Tuesdays of the month at 6:30 pm - check for current offerings)

Every meeting is a download of the New Human Energetics templates for successful relationships, carrier, and personal growth that you will be able to apply for cultivating joy within each relationship you create.

Is it for me?

"Svetlana has a gift of connecting all group members in the Matrix and set the space for traveling to the 5th dimensional world. This experience is second to none. These practice evenings helped me feel the Matrix energy and now I can go there at will."

Alex Bergman, Financial Planner, Chicago, IL

The Matrix Themes we explore during STUDY GROUP meetings open to ME seminar participants only are:

My Matrix Rules: How to Matrix Easily
Being Matrix: Amplifying Useful Traits of Character for ease and effectiveness
ME = Me: A to Z of how to work on my self
Relation-shift within Matrix: Reflections, empowerment, healing in Relationships
ME = Me: How to improve my finances and achieve financial freedom
Rules in 3D and other Matrix realities: Working at a Distance
How to exist in many layers of reality simultaneously: Time Travel and Dimensions
Matrix in every day life: Simple solutions to Complex Issues
Frequencies 101: How to Play and still be effective
My Matrix Attraction Filed: How to create and sustain a vibrational match to your desires
Matrix Frequencies: Creating and using group field for personal Manifestation
Matrix Heart: Accessing and living in the Matrix State
My Archetypal Matrix: What are my personal archetypes and their impact on my life?
Building Archetypal Awareness: roles I lay with others. Roles they play with me.
The 2-point -- From Simple to Complex (Sacred Geometry)
Being the Door: What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do

I will also offer Mind Magic classes and special events open to the public that deal with the topics of:

Over light: How to increase your powers with tools of your Past and Future
Energy Medicine: Merging Science and Energy
Attraction Field: How to amplify the power of your intent without attachment
Soul Adventure: Experience and understand Astral Travel
5 secrets of Manifestation: personal shift into power

Frequencies 101: how to use your personal frequencies
Personal and collective Grids and Templates
Tantric Practices for Ascending Beings

Please call Svetlana, ME Practitioner, at 847 414 3730 for personal connection and with any question you may have.

This group is a playground for you, a Super Star in the Live Show called Now. Catch the Wave of miraculous Matrix energy with us! Most of our meetings take place at Kenton Knox Conference Center North, but ALWAYS check the calendar (under "meetups" tab for current information

9701 Knox, Skokie , IL 60077
(This is a medical building that is part of the Rush North Shore hospital The entrance is from Golf into Knox, proceed to the parking lot in front of the second building on the right side of Knox av. Enter the building and go strait forward. The room is on the first floor, on the right side)

Please check our current calendar for dates and locations under "Meetups: tag in the menu

Your Benefits:
Experience the Matrix Energy
Learn how to live and play with Matrix Energetics every day (FOR ME STUDENTS)
Supercharge your life at a light speed
Discuss and practice light work methods
Tap into your highest potential
Enrich your life with remarkable energy and manifestations

What is Matrix Energetics?

Energy Exchange:
Study group is $20 per person
Alchemy Practice and Crystal Bowls - $15
Lectures and short events - suggested donation $5 - $20
Scholarships are available for one day and weekend workshops
We hope you'll find an event that fits your schedule and interests.

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