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Energy of Love Meetup group is for people of all ages who want to feel connected in community, living an inspired, passionate, purposeful life full of love and new possibilities. We host private gatherings and events as well as classes, workshops and retreats.

Energy of Love is founded by Maria Fazzingo who often co-creates a portal for human exploration, transformational growth and the art of human relating. Presented is a collective of thought leaders, change makers, facilitators, speakers, teachers and practitioners, local and globally in the realm of somatic phycology, sexology, movement, mindfulness, Tantra, transformation, healing, empowerment and conscious relating.

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A collective of heart felt passionate change makers committed to integrity in all that we do. Energy of Love is a portal for human exploration, transformational growth and the art of conscious relating with ourselves each other and the world. We care deeply about friends families community and our planet.


Create a global network where you can access the most compelling leaders, facilitators and coaches in the realm of sexology, somatic phycology, tantra, movement, mindfulness, transformation, empowerment and relationships both online and live through workshops, classes, retreats and coaching.


To make a positive influence in the paradigm shift, to create a sense of community in a world devoid of true connection, to awaken your senses for a vibrant existence. We support you in finding your purpose, passion and power because your happiness is our happiness.

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OHMGODDESS Pleasure Sanctuary

Inhale Miami

Shakti Rising - Goddess Empowerment Retreat

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