How to Learn English: FREE, FUN & EASY - NYC ***OPENING SESSION ***

How To Learn English: FREE, FUN & EASY - NYC
How To Learn English: FREE, FUN & EASY - NYC
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As in our group page, whether you were born in another country or native to the USA learning English can be a struggle. This group is for those who would like to learn the basic fundamentals and techniques needed to really learn English in a fast and easy manner, without the confusion and stress that can result when you try to learn something new.

This is the opening session of many great meetups wherein we will be tackling the basic elements of understanding the English language and how to learn it, or any subject thereafter.

In this session we will be taking up specifically:

- The 3 Key Barriers to learning and how to avoid them and/or overcome them.

- The true reasons for failures or difficulties you may have in learning English or any other subject.

- Why you sometimes open a book and then fall asleep.

- The real cause for lack of motivation in study.

- How to Instantly resolve confusion encountered during study.

From coming to this meetup you will:

- Improve your ability to Learn English and any other subject.

- Improve your learning speed and ability to APPLY what you learn.

- Know the 3 Key barriers to study, how to spot them prevent them, and or overcome them.

- Achieve a different way of thinking & learning.


Please join us!

The Organizer of this meetup, Bernard Percy, is an internationally known successful author, educator and parent who has been helping people for over 40 years. Masters degree in education, Columbia University. Worked as professor at the Beijing Foreign Language University teaching English as a second language teachers how to be more effective in teaching their students. Was a Teacher for over 12 years in Brooklyn, New York. Raised three successful daughters. Travelled over 2 million miles in doing workshops and lectures on parenting, education & career development. Happily married for over 48 years. Bernard has seen and gone through everything with regards to education and learning and want's to share his experience and stories with you. He is also a volunteer consultant of the Dianetics and Scientology life improvement Center New York working to help spread this vital knowledge about education. The materials taken up in this meetup are based on the Study Technology of L. Ron Hubbard.