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Welcome to The English Pronunciation Club. The place to develop professional influence in English, whilst making great friends and having fun.

"The biggest single factor that effects people's first impression of you is your speech and accent"

Please see this short introduction to the meetup:

5 reasons why you should join The English Pronunciation Club;

1. Become part of a friendly and professional international community

2. Learn to speak crisp, clear English that showcases your professional credibility

3. Regain the confidence and credibility you had when communicating in your first language

4. Learn pronunciation from a native, who know’s the language inside out

5. Meet like minded professionals from all over the world, who’ve moved to London, just like you

Succeeding in job interviews, presentations, personal interactions and day to day life all depends on your ability to present yourself well.

At Develop Professional Influence in English, we focus on developing professional communication skills whilst making friends in a relaxed environment. At each event, we look at 2 sounds in the English language. We break them down in detail to understand how we make them in our mouths, and then how it fits into words, sentences and expressive communication. We then get into groups and start practicing together. There are lots of opportunities to practice what you're learning, and the meetup is highly interactive. After the lesson, we go to the pub and you can practice what you’ve just learned, whilst networking with the other attendees, and building friendships.

Here are some reasons why you might not attend:

1. I don't want to come on my own!

Most people who move to London come here alone. Develop Professional Influence in English is designed for these people. It’s the place to meet friendly people in the same situation as you. I provide fun conversation topics to help you to get to know each other with ease. Come alone and leave with new friends!

2. I am not confident in my English!

This is precisely why you should come! The meetup is designed to help you build confidence in your English. Get any questions you have on the English language or life in London answered at the meetup by your knowledgeable host.

3. I’m Shy!

Don’t worry! We all experience a bit of anxiety the first time we do something new. I welcome everyone as they arrive and make sure that everyone feels included right from the start!

4. You are a single girl and not sure if you should come on your own.
Develop Professional Influence in English is a safe environment for women to attend. I make sure that everyone who attends feels safe and at ease.

5. I Don’t have lots of money!
I have designed this meetup to be accessible for everyone, no matter what your situation. For the vast majority of events, the only costs involved are a small £5 cover charge to attend, and whatever you decide to spend on coffee/drinks.


I want everyone who attends the meetup to have an amazing time. If you are any less than 100% satisfied with the meetup that you have attended I will refund you the cost of the class. No questions asked

If you are an international professional in London and keen to develop your career, then this is the meetup to come to. Come and meet friendly, motivated people from all over the world, with a desire to improve and a passion for learning.

Happiness Shared is happiness multiplied, so go ahead and get booking!

I look forward to seeing you at the next meetup,
Michael Roberts

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