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It’s time to live your best freaking life! Join me, Reverend Yugen Bond, founder of the Enough-ism Podcast and author of "Enough-ism: This Minimalist Wants More", for life-changing meditation circles that will get your mind right and keep your spirit bright. Members convene from all over the world to feel less alone about their struggles and emotional battles and more empowered through the incredible power of group meditation and group journaling. We meet together online once a month. You're most welcome to drop in on a session at any time and see what it's all about.

In our one-hour monthly mindfulness workshops, follow along on a new live guided meditation each time to release what no longer serves you. You’ll then identify what defines your ideal life and how to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. And you’ll practice the powerful manifestation technique of free-style journaling to get on the right path. Clearing your mind, pausing to ask what you really need and want in life, and then getting your dreams down on paper is super powerful! This interactive workshop will empower you, provide you with actionable tools, and transform old patterns into new beginnings. I’m stoked to meet you and help folks feel in control and passionate about our untapped journeys.

This group is welcome to all, no matter where you are in your life, what your spiritual beliefs are, and what your personal challenges and triumphs are.

*** You're encouraged to wear something on Zoom that empowers you and makes you feel like a spiritual bad*$$. This can be a $5 heirloom, a bright red lipstick, a funky scarf, a tee shirt with a cool design on it, etc. Or maybe there's a painting on the wall that you love and want to show it off in the background. As long as it has meaning to you, that's cool!

Monthly agenda for each session:

—We begin with a guided meditation to check in with ourselves and release old energy and negative emotions
—We then jump into guided reflective journaling on key takeaways or “aha!” moments and group sharing of what we had in common or something that was unique and why
—A personal discussion on what stands in our way and what hinders our happiness. You're welcome to share your breakthroughs or listen to others and take what you need.
—Guided action plan journaling
—Closing circle

A Venmo donation to @Enoughism or a tip on this Meetup page is appreciated if you choose.

New! I now do personalized 30-minute meditations, written and recorded based on your unique circumstances and sent within 48 hours tops—just email with your request and Venmo $10 to @enoughism. To those of you who've sent requests, thank you for the opportunity and I really enjoyed creating your meditations.

If you'd like to be a guest on the Enough-ism Podcast or have a cool guest in mind you think I should interview, let's get in touch at

Rev. Yugen Bond, Host and Producer of the Enough-ism Podcast

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