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This group is led by professionals and experts driven by the passion to help the community tap into the hidden resources within one's own mind. For those who are seeking practical tools and solutions to life's challenging issues beyond what conventional health care or therapy can offer... Those looking for real change and results in their lives.

If you're unable to cope with physical ailments or have children struggling with focus and concentration issues or young adults constantly stressing over relationships and commitment or are wanting to restore harmony within your family. If you are stuck in patterns of self-limiting beliefs blocking your success or you keep going back to addictions, if you feel devoid of your life's purpose and desire to understand how you have created the reality which is limiting your maximum potential. You should join.

To help you find the ways to clear those self-limiting blocks and achieve success and happiness is the ultimate aim of this group! We discuss the problem... how we unconsciously create it and how to find the solution, which many a time lies within the problem itself!

This group was created to spread awareness of the advances in Mind Sciences such as Clinical Hypnotherapy (with a Western and Eastern perspective), Past Life Regression and Quantum Energy Healing.

You will meet amazing experts, hear about breakthrough stories, experience Self Hypnosis and become aware of your unlimited potential.

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SOS: Is Your Body Shouting For Help?

La Jolla Riford Public Library

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