What we're about

Sharing insights about the challenges and successes in Enterprise IoT

We will discuss all aspects of building and scaling commercial IoT products.

Topics include building a business case, assessing end-user benefits, selecting connectivity hardware, software development for embedded-mobile-cloud including multi-product mobile apps, security, privacy, cloud back-end, analytics and AI, remote control, commerce, governance, the relevance of cryptocurrencies, etc.

Anyone with a serious interest in IoT or engaged in planning or launching IoT projects should consider attending.

A few rules and defining characteristics:

- Pls comment or DM me if you’d like to propose additions or modifications to this list.
- The intent is to form a real community that is valuable and fun. That means: learning, making friends, networking, and having a good time.
- We will keep the discussions real, insightful, and focused on value to you, so no sales pitches.
- We favor moderated panel discussions when possible.
- For panels, we will get your questions in advance and during the event, so we can make sure we ask good hard questions that teach us something. Plus a short open Q+A at the end.
- Events will be free to attend.
- For in-person events, we will live-stream through some appropriate channel whenever possible.
- Events may be sponsored but without giving up editorial control. Sponsors may or may not be on the panel or speak.
- For some topics, co-hosting with other appropriate groups would be very good.

What you can do to help:
- suggestions for panelists with appropriate topics/areas of expertise.
- if you can sponsor ($$ or space) for future meetups.

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