What we're about

Sharing insights about the challenges and successes in Enterprise IoT

We will discuss all aspects of building and scaling commercial IoT products.

Topics include building a business case, assessing end-user benefits, selecting connectivity hardware, software development for embedded-mobile-cloud including multi-product mobile apps, security, privacy, cloud back-end, analytics and AI, remote control, commerce, governance, the relevance of cryptocurrencies, etc.

Anyone with a serious interest in IoT or engaged in planning or launching IoT projects should consider attending.

A few rules and defining characteristics:

- Pls comment or DM me if you’d like to propose additions or modifications to this list.
- The intent is to form a real community that is valuable and fun. That means: learning, making friends, networking, and having a good time.
- We will keep the discussions real, insightful, and focused on value to you, so no sales pitches.
- We favor moderated panel discussions when possible.
- For panels, we will get your questions in written form before and during the event, so we can make sure we ask good hard questions that teach us something. Plus a very short open Q+A at the end.
- Events will be free to attend.
- Events will be live-streamed through some appropriate channel whenever possible.
- Events are sponsored but without giving up editorial control. Sponsors may or may not be on the panel or speak.
- We’d like to move the location up and down the peninsula to make it possible for everyone to attend at least some events.
- For some topics, co-hosting with other appropriate groups would be very good.
- Afero has kindly offered to sponsor this group on an ongoing basis as we need it, but not exclusively. Many of you know that I have been working with Afero for some time.

What you can do to help:
- Pls DM me with suggestions for panelists with appropriate topics/areas of expertise.
- Pls DM me if you can sponsor ($$ or space) for future meetups.
- Pls DM me with suggestions for forming a world-class advisory board for this meetup.
- Pls DM me with suggestions for expanding this group to other geographies.

Upcoming events (1)

What is Enterprise IoT and what can we learn from customer case studies

4:30 Registration, Refreshments, Networking 5:30 Event starts 5:30-6:00 Brainstorm on what Enterprise IoT is 6:00-7:00 Panel discussion, customer case studies + success factors 7:00-7:10 Identify potential topics for future meetups, close Panel: We're going to probe the challenges of: 1- Building one connected device. 2- Delivering a family of connected devices at scale. 3- Securing and managing lots of devices from multiple vendors. We are fortunate to have a panel that brings first hand experience and insightful analysis. Panelists in this event include (formal bios below): - Andy Do runs Embedded Works, a systems integrator and professional services firm with deep technical expertise and a full spectrum of wireless products and services. He and his team have been intimately involved with many IoT projects so he has an excellent perspective re what works and what doesn’t and where the challenges are. - Ben Gibbs leads the Afero Customer Enablement (ACE) team, working with customers around the world to help ensure their success. Ben’s team has hands-on experience from project inception to post-launch technical support. We look forward to his 360 perspective. - Dan Maier is VP of marketing at Zingbox, which just agreed to be acquired by Palo Alto Networks. He brings us an enterprise and healthcare view of how lots of different IoT devices can be detected and secured, how AI can help, and how the data gathered in the process can help manage devices from an IT-OT convergence standpoint. If you have any questions for panelists, pls submit them before the event so we can sort through them and make sure we ask all the hard questions! Formal Bios Andy Do has been in the wireless technology industry for the past 23 years He has held engineering and management positions at HP, Mitsubishi, Proxim, and Avnet. Since 2004, he is the founder and President of Embedded Works, a wireless technology integrator. He has launched respected IoT brands such as TrackingForLess (GPS Telematics) and SensorWorks (IoT sensors). Andy enjoys helping entrepreneurs and businesses “IoT-ize” their ideas through wireless, cloud, and mobility solutions. Ben Gibbs is Director of Afero Customer Enablement (ACE) group. Ben’s team handles Sales Engineering, Customer Development Support, and post-launch Customer Technical Support. Ben’s background is in wireless and high-tech product development, with over 20 years experience, including being a salaryman in Japan for Mitsubishi Electric, working at research labs in the UK, Australia and US, launching 13 mobile phones to market, and stints at Sharp, Intel and finally Qualcomm before joining Afero. For fun, he codes games in Java, tracks cryptocurrency tech, and keeps koi fish. Dan Maier is responsible for Zingbox's global marketing, including corporate marketing, product marketing, demand generation and public relations. He has more than two decades of experience in senior marketing roles in the technology sector, most recently serving as VP of Marketing at Cyren and prior to that, senior director of product marketing at Zscaler. He previously held VP of Marketing positions at Tumbleweed Communications, Convirture, and DecisionView among others. Dan holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Stanford University and an MBA from UCLA.

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