Key initiatives to derive intelligence out of connected things & wearables


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IoT solutions market today focuses on devices and data part of IoT. While connecting, visualizing and interacting with digitized devices are part of IoT deployment, the goal of IoT isn’t to deliver those. Success of IoT projects lies in the automation of business processes as that is what contributes significantly to the business value by materializing Return on Investment (RoI). The real promise of IoT is in self-optimization and autonomy of connected things. We expect our connected things to automate our manual interactions and decisions. Interacting with those connected things should be rare and when we do, we prefer frictionless experience via chatbot, AR, VR, mobile, digital twin etc. In this talk, we will discuss 3 key initiatives namely analytics, recommendation engine and integrations that help to deliver desired autonomy. We will demonstrate these intelligence initiatives via Oracle IoT applications and several customer use cases.

Viji Krishnamurthy is a Sr. Director at Oracle who leads analytics for Oracle IoT and Blockchain apps. As a specialist in applying AI/ML to industrial and consumer applications, Viji has managed IoT platforms and released analytics rich applications for consumers and industrial users in Smart Building, Industrial IoT and Consumer Electronics companies. As a data scientist, Viji has developed manufacturing and marketing intelligence applications to automate manufacturing decisions and helped to optimize product quality, supply chain and product pricing. Viji holds a Ph.D. in Operations Research from Northwestern University and, is a proud Wildcat and a Sun Devil.