Harvesting Energy to Boost Battery Life

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This is the same exact event as

which is organized by the "IoT and Wearable Devices" meet up group.
We are delighted to collaborate with the excellent team there.

This will be a 5 minute slide presentation to set the scene followed by a conversation in a panel discussion format.

Our guest will be Joe Ward, Sr. Director at e-Peas (e-peas.com) who will cover the challenges and ways of extracting energy from Solar/PV, Thermal/TEG, Vibration, or RF sources, which can greatly extend battery life, or better yet, even eliminate the battery altogether.

Walt Maclay, President of Voler Systems will start us off with the always-insightful pointers on online networking, upcoming events, and introductions of this event. Shahin and Joe will get started after that.

Please feel free to submit any questions in advance here or via a private message.

Stay home and stay safe and I look forward to another great event.