Not just Wi-Fi & BLE: Cellular Connectivity for IoT and Enterprise Requirements

Enterprise IoT
Enterprise IoT
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This meetup will discuss cellular connectivity with emphasis on enterprise requirements and recent advances by the IoT group at Arm.

Topics will include:
– Cellular connectivity, i.e. not just Wi-Fi or BLE
– Back-end integration with enterprise apps
– Provisioning and fleet management
– Scale in three dimensions: number, variety, geographies
– Security, including device identity, hardware roots of trust, and a trusted supply chain

– Introductions (please introduce yourself and your interests, if you'd like)
– Short Presentation
– Demo of eSIM/iSIM and x.509 certs by Arm
– Audience Q+A

Cellular Connectivity for IoT devices is becoming a big deal.
It is an important decision for any IoT project and it has been evolving rapidly, so it’s something we should all understand and be able to implement.

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