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What we’re about

A supportive community for those who have had life altering sacred medicine journeys, curious or would like to participate in upcoming ceremonies, and/or prepare for and/or integrate entheogenic experiences .
Immortal Freedom is your portal to holistic health, spiritual growth and healing. Serving energy medicine through Innerdance/Kundalini Activation and sacred earth medicines as a tool for personal transformation and spiritual awakening, while facilitating a  safe, supportive, trauma informed, healing environment accessible to all.
IF meetups are designed to support deep healing and the remembrance of your perfect naturalness – a state of love, ease, and wholeness. This community is a 1000+ member international collective of healers, seekers, and those who are on a journey to “sovereignty”. We are thankful for your support and are looking forward to assisting you in your liberation process.
Immortal Freedom was founded in 2019 by Chelsea, a woman of color who is committed to honor and uplift sacred earth medicines and introduce new concepts, ideas and modalities to support your personal growth and expansion.