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A community of like-minded and influential entrepreneurs coming together to share ideas, network, learn and profit. A place for new and experienced entrepreneurs to grow personally and professionally.

Running a business NOT just about sitting in front of your computer all day and night trying to figure out how to get more customers – that isn’t healthy, productive or educational.

Once a month, in London, you are invited to come and meet with like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs from all walks of life who attend to help each other succeed. We are always learning ourselves too so we’d love to meet you and hear more about what you’re doing online to grow your business and what’s working for you (and also what’s not working!)

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, we all have something valuable to share. Come to our monthly meetup to learn and share with others who will quickly become your very own support community who you can turn to when you need help.

I really look forward to having a drink & a chat with you at the next meetup.

Upcoming events (2)

How To Automate Your Entire Business: Start working ON your business, not IN it!

We hear and read the phrase “work ON your business, not IN your business” so much these days, but what does that actually look like in real, practical terms? I'll be going through my 7-steps to automate your entire business during this "mini-workshop" for business owners and entrepreneurs, showing you a peak behind the curtain into my own business and how I have automated the entire sales and onboarding process for new customers which has allowed me to put my time and effort into things a business owner SHOULD be doing, instead of the things we SHOULDN'T be doing! The tools, processes and systems I will show you have allowed me to generate multiple 6-figures across 2 of my businesses over the last 5 years and if you copy the format, you can do that same (providing your business delivers a great service/product/solution to your customers, of course!) Warning signs you are working too much IN your business: - You take on the mantle of doing everything yourself, “super-person” sales, debts, people, operations, technical, every decision. - Even when you do delegate to other people, some you know do have not the capability to do the task, you check it after they have done it, sometimes late at night. - You manage by lurching from one thing to the next, any thought of long term plans don’t happen in the day-to-day running of your business. ”Too Busy”. - You working long hours, stressed, but you’re still not making the money you expected or should expect. - You don’t really know where your business is going, unclear vision of what you want to build or strategy to build it. - Before you know it, the week has gone, next the month disappears then the year finishes. You are happy that you survived another year! But have you progressed? Does that sound like you? If it does, you need to attend this meetup! Agenda: 6.00pm - Arrival, drinks & networking 7.00pm - Mini-workshop: How To Automate Your Business 8.30pm - Drinks, networking & Q&A 9.30pm - End

May 2-hour Mini-Mastermind (Evening)

WeWork Fox Court


Join Suraj for a 2-hour evening mastermind session with just 7 other focussed and motivated entrepreneurs to discuss the current problems in your business and specifically to talk about how you can solve that problem quickly and easily (come prepared with your biggest problem right now in relation to content marketing) and together we will brainstorm and find solutions for each member. MAXIMUM 8 ENTREPRENEURS - This is to make it very personal and high-value for everyone, allowing us to focus on a small group for 2-hours. Format & Agenda: 5.45pm - Arrive at WeWork (Fox Court, Chancery Lane) and sign-in 6.00pm SHARP - Start mastermind. We will go around and everyone will have 20-25 minutes of focus purely on their business problems/strategy 8.00pm - End. What to prepare/bring: 1. A specific business challenge/problem you are facing in your business. It can be a technical, strategy, mindset or even a mental challenge around this and we will work together to make the problem go away. 2. A specific goal to achieve by the end of the 2-hour session. 3. An open mind to receive constructive feedback/coaching and to contribute ideas to other members' solutions too.

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