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A community of like-minded and influential entrepreneurs coming together to share ideas, network, learn and profit. A place for new and experienced entrepreneurs to grow personally and professionally.

Running a business NOT just about sitting in front of your computer all day and night trying to figure out how to get more customers – that isn’t healthy, productive or educational.

Once a month, in London, you are invited to come and meet with like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs from all walks of life who attend to help each other succeed. We are always learning ourselves too so we’d love to meet you and hear more about what you’re doing online to grow your business and what’s working for you (and also what’s not working!)

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, we all have something valuable to share. Come to our monthly meetup to learn and share with others who will quickly become your very own support community who you can turn to when you need help.

I really look forward to having a drink & a chat with you at the next meetup.

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How To Be Time Rich: Earn More, Be More Confident, and Live Your Best Life

Do you find that you're always busy but things never seem to actually get done? Are you 'fake busy' instead of being productive? The topic for our February meetup is to learn, as entrepreneurs, how to achieve more by doing less and how to scale your business while building an uncompromising lifestyle, which is why most of us started a business in the first place - to live a certain lifestyle that we wanted. I'll be interviewing Matt Sandrini and asking him how he has built his coaching business called Time Zillionaire while travelling the world for 6-months of the year. He has perfected the art of using time efficiently, automating boring tasks and living the lifestyle most of us dream of. Instead of having to read through hundreds of books, Matt will help you get straight to the core with ACTIONABLE TIPS that you can take away with you from this meetup. You’ll learn about psychology hacks, principles of human behaviour, advice from timeless philosophy, and Matt's own life experiments across business, travelling, relationships, and fulfilment. I can’t wait for you to learn how to improve your productivity so that you can finally achieve more by doing less. Agenda: 6.00pm - Arrival, networking & free beers 7.00pm - How To Be Time Rich with Matt Sandrini 8.30pm - Networking, pictures and more free beers 9.00pm - End. About Matt Sandrini Matt is a high-performance coach working with 7-9 figure founders to help them scale their business and master their time. He is the founder of Time Zillionaire, where he shares tips to focus on high-impact activities and achieve more by doing less. After graduating from Manchester University, Matt worked for a major global corporation: when he optimised his tasks to shave 2-days off his workweek while overdelivering, he was told that he had to stay in the office anyway. That's the first time he started to question the value of his time. A year later, he launched his first successful business, only to get trapped in terrible founders routines and nearly burn out. That's when he realised the importance of focusing on results, rather than effort and time spent. Since then, he has designed his businesses and lifestyle to support each other, rather being in competition, and started helping founders worldwide take back control of their schedule and focus on what brings disproportionate results. Each year, Matt runs his businesses from a new location abroad for 3-6 months.

March 2-hour Mini-Mastermind: Recurring Revenue



Join Suraj for a 2-hour mastermind session with just 5 other focussed and motivated entrepreneurs to discuss the current problems in your business (come prepared with your biggest problem right now) and together we will brainstorm and find solutions for each member. This month, the specific focus will be on growing/creating a recurring revenue element in your business. MAXIMUM 5 ENTREPRENEURS - This is to make it very personal and high-value for everyone, allowing us to focus on a small group for 2-hours. Format & Agenda: 12.45pm - Arrive at WeWork (41 Corsham Street) and sign-in 1.00pm SHARP - Start mastermind. We will go around and everyone will have 20-25 minutes of focus purely on their business. 3.00pm - End. What to prepare/bring: 1. A specific business challenge/problem at this time in relation to recurring revenue (it does not matter if you have recurring income yet or not). It can be a technical, strategy, mindset or even a mental challenge around this and we will work together to make the problem go away. 2. A specific goal to achieve by the end of the 2-hour session. 3. An open mind to receive constructive feedback/coaching and to contribute ideas to other members' solutions too.

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