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New Year New Lifestyle! Essential Oils 101: Basics
• What we'll do Have you had the curiosity to learn more about the use of Essential Oils because the Hype is so big? Are you starting the year off new with habits of having a better and healthier lifestyle for you and your family? Well you came to the right meet up page! Did you know lately, there have been so many products that have been researched an proven to cause health issues such as cancer, nausea and headaches. Example Johnson & Johnson got caught in a lawsuit for a cancer causing ingredient in their baby powder that people have been using on their babies for generations and they are just now telling us it causes cancer! Doesn't that make you wonder what else were constantly using, daily that are harmful that we don't know about? I'm talking about simple daily products such as Glade plug-ins, Febreeze bathroom sprays/ car fresheners, Bath and Body works synthetic sprays, candles and lotions, Clorox and bleach cleaning products, Soft-soap hand soaps and even and shower/hygiene products that most Americans use on a daily basis. These simple things we may not think about because they are constantly around us and we have been using them like FOREVER but in the long run do cause a lot of damage over time. We don't know any better unless someone tells us and thats ok. Essential oils have been around since biblical times, don't you think its time we get back to the basics of nature and use what the earth has provided for us? Too many corporations are taking advantage of the average Americans health only because the synthetic products they make are cheap and we continue to use them because we don't know any better. How is this fair for a company to use bad ingredients and not tell you? Its cruel ,wrong and its not fair at all, but you as a consumer have the right to stand up and say no. All you have to do is not give in or buy this crap. So where am I getting at with this? Essential oils are aromatic compounds from plants, they are beyond organic, pure and never synthetic (only applies to CPTG doterra essential oils). Why should we be using them? They help counter the effects of pollution, chemicals in our food, air and water. They can also be used as natural remedies for health and wellness for you and your family. At this class we will talk about the effects of essential oils, why you should be using them for health, wellness, why they work in the body and why you should be using the organic compounds in your home everyday. The use of essential oils is important but like I said earlier this is a good journey to expose the bad, learn and see how you can replace these bad daily items and replace them with simple and pure beyond organic oils and products. Get this, they're actually really good for you TOO! Bill and I have a mission to serve and help people to fight for whats right in this world, are you going to take a stand and join?CLASSES ARE ALWAYS FREE! RSVP to receive a FREE 5ml Wild Orange Essential Oil. Water, wine and snacks provided. • What to bring • Important to know

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Essential oils 101 meet up group is for everybody! Hello! Bill & I, Candace are health and wellness advocates we started this group to educate & reach out to those that have been curious about alternative medicine using essential oils, as it is our mission to teach people about them and why they even work! Come join us as we learn about the basics of mother nature just as mother nature intended it to be. We will be holding weekly classes all are welcome to check it out and join us along this exciting journey of reinventing healthcare by going back to the essentials of using gifts from the earth for our health & wellbeing! ALWAYS RSVP FOR A FREE GIFT!!

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