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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Members of the EPIC Meetup Website are Executives in Administration, Management, Faculty and Staff for our Professional and Reputable Organizations: Enlightened Paranormal Investigators of California [EPIC], Paranormal Academy of Supernatural Sciences Anomalistics & Ghostly Exploration® [PASSAGE], EPIC Society Of Paranormalists Enthusiasts & Researchers [ESPER], Paranormal Evolution Alliance for Collaborations & Enlightenment [PEACE], Light of Arcturus – Ministry of Omnism, Aura of Arcturus - Spiritual & Metaphysical Marketplace.



EPIC's primary service is providing advanced and highly-experienced Paranormal Investigations, Supernatural Research and Consultation Services for anyone in need of such assistance.​ We are currently based in Riverside, CA, providing our Supernatural and Paranormal Services all across Southern California.

We provide our professional primary services FREE of charge and by donation, to Residential, Business, Non-Profit, Historical, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Classified and other Private Clients.

If you or anyone you know believes that they are experiencing a haunting, unexplained phenomena and/or paranormal activity, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!

You may contact our organization for assistance by:

  • Selecting from one of the various services that we have to offer on our official website at
  • Sending us a message here on our EPIC Meetup Page
  • Emailing us at
  • Calling/Texting our EPIC Hotline at (951) 755-7000

If you message or email us, or if you encounter a voicemail when you call, please be sure to include the following information so that we may follow up with you regarding your Paranormal Case:

  • Your First and Last Name
  • The Address where paranormal activity is being experienced (Street # and Name, City, State and Zip Code)
  • Your Contact Phone Number and Email Address
  • A Brief Explanation and/or Details of what is occurring, or the type of activity being experienced

Once we receive your email, one of our experienced Case Managers will reply within 24 - 72 hours to provide you with details on how we may proceed in offering assistance. It will be VERY important for you to remain vigilant of your phone and emails for communications from our organization throughout the duration of your Paranormal Case.

NOTE: We know how difficult it may be to reach out to professionals for help regarding paranormal activity. As such, we will always remain sensitive to our clients’ needs and strictly uphold their 'Rights To Privacy And Confidentiality’! We will safeguard all of the personal information that you provide us, keep all of the information regarding your case confidential, and be as discreet as possible while conducting our work.



EPIC Team Members are professionals, NOT amateurs or "ghost-hunters”! Our organization is authentic and reputable, comprised of an advanced consortium of legitimate and knowledgeable Parapsychologists, Investigators, Scientists, Technologists, Researchers, Scholars, Psychics, Mediums, Light-Workers and other Specialists, all whom possess a profound passion for helping others and for the supernatural.

With over 23+ years of professional experience, our EPIC Team Members are proficient in providing our clients with the highest of quality work and best results. Our tremendous commitment and passion to unlocking the mysteries of the paranormal and supernatural drives our organization to complete the following Core Objectives:

  • Perform intricate, compelling and progressive research of the paranormal: We believe that it is critical to research what we investigate as we investigate what we research. The paranormal field is constantly changing and evolving, hence the reason why performing serious and continuous research is crucial. Members of EPIC are not only seasoned Paranormal Investigators, but scholarly researchers as well. Laboratory sessions include detailed and profound discussions in which every member's voice and input is obtained.
  • Conduct specialized and innovative paranormal investigations: Specialized, focused and well-organized paranormal investigations are conducted at various sites, residences, businesses and other locations that have reported, suspected, proven, disclosed and undisclosed accounts of paranormal activity. Investigations are conducted all across the state of California, with occasion in other areas across the United States.
  • Explore the influences, implications and connections of all things paranormal with an open mind and open heart: EPIC is a legitimate and authentic Paranormal Organization. Although our organizations' main focus is the research and investigation of Spirits, Ghosts and similar Energies, we also explore and examine all other facets of the supernatural and paranormal (such as ufology, cryptozoology, metaphysics, psychical phenomenon, dreams, quantum paraphysics, etc.). All functions that we conduct are performed with a deeply respectful and enlightened mentality. Our 'EPIC Mentality' directs our alliance to maintain a demeanor of reverence and great poise while conducting all investigations, research, meetups and other events.
  • Perform specialized historical research and exploration as secondary members of the EPIC Historical Society (E.H.S.): The E.H.S. is a legitimate Historical Organization whose mission is to investigate, study, educate and preserve the historical aspects and implications of the various topics and locations that we explore.



We are searching for individuals that have a solid interest in helping people and spirits while exploring, researching and investigating the paranormal.

Do you possess a genuine interest in the supernatural? Do you have a deep passion for all things paranormal? Then join us!

Please note that we only select and accept individuals who are serious-minded, dedicated and professional! Other favorable qualities to possess are exemplary passion, intelligence, loyalty and the desire to learn continuously in the evolving field of the paranormal.

If you believe that you possess these qualities and meet the Minimum Requirements below, then we would highly encourage you to apply for Membership to EPIC today!

Minimum Requirements For Membership To EPIC:

  • Must be 30 years of age or older (some exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis).
  • Must have a mature attitude and scientific mind.
  • Must physically reside in Southern California (preferably in or near the Inland Empire) and must be able to drive long distances as necessary, all throughout Southern California, to all EPIC investigations, meetups and other events.
  • Must have availability in your schedule that allows you to attend EPIC investigations, meetups and other events on a frequent and dependable basis. Members are REQUIRED to attend our events often and consistently.
  • Must own Basic Investigative Equipment - a Laptop, Digital Camera (10MP+) and a Digital Audio Recorder (at minimum). If you do not currently own any equipment, then you must be willing and able to purchase these 3 basic tools.
  • Must be able to work independently and in a team.
  • Previous experience in researching and investigating the paranormal is preferred, but is not required. We are searching to train the right people regardless if you have experience or not. We will help and support you along your path.

If you are interested, then send us a message and let us know that you would like to apply for membership to EPIC. We will reply to let you know how to apply.


EPIC humbly thanks the public for allowing us to serve you in the state of California and nationwide.

We look forward to making compelling contributions to the Paranormal Field and to the Scientific Community. We will work tirelessly to achieve this.

Thank you and peace be with you all!

Sincerely, Jacob Kire & Rev. Mato Wahya
Founders/Executive Directors
Chief Paranormal Investigators & Lead Research Specialists


All Members Of The Enlightened Paranormal Investigators of California [EPIC] And The Enlightened Paranormal Investigators of California [EPIC] Meetup Group Acknowledge, Understand And Agree: To Assume All Risks And Liability Related To Or Resulting From Any Organizational Meetup, Event, Activity And/Or Function; That Neither They Nor Any Third Party Will Hold Any Of The Organization’s Founders, Directors, Organizers, Leadership Members, Event Hosts, Officers, Members, Representatives Or Anyone Else Affiliated With EPIC, Liable For Any Injury, Loss, Damages Or Death To Their Own Person Or Any Members Of Their Family, Friends, Acquaintances, Children, Pets, Or Property, Arising Directly To Or As A Consequence Of An Organizational Meetup, Event, Activity And/Or Function].

All Members Further Acknowledge, Understand And Agree: That Their Membership To EPIC Is Voluntary And Is Based On An “At Will” Basis; To Have Read This Disclaimer And That They Will Assume All Risks Involved In Participating In Any Organizational Meetup, Event, Activity And/Or Function That EPIC May Create And/Or Host, As Described Above Or In Any Other Manner.

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