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Hello Everyone,

The first 3ds London of 2018 kicks off as usual at Truckles. Looking forward to seeing everyone, been a few months!

Paul Roberts is going to share a preview of Itoo Forest Pack Six- Paul's been coming for quite some time now and always puts a lot of effort into his presentations- it will be a good one!

It's important to impress upon everyone the importance of bringing along some work too. PLEASE!

If you would like to make a longer presentation please remember our friends at SiNi Software are sponsoring first time presenters. Simon and Nigel are itching to give away free stuff, so get in touch!

2018 is going to be a good year. We have a number of brilliant speakers lined up already, our industry (whatever artistic use of 3d technology you're involved in) is at a fascinating point in time. 3ds London is primarily about 3ds Max, obviously, but we will widen our scope this year to incorporate topics we're all interested in. 3ds London has many years of form now, and continues to be a friendly place to discuss these opportunities with your contemporaries. And buy them drinks.

See you there,