From MVP to World Domination (by developers and designers)


When looking at some tech companies, it can be hard to imagine how they were in their early days. The success of each business is often dictated by their ability to get the fundamentals right. The software industry is unique in that it often doesn’t take much to create something that can offer so much potential, validate a range of ideas, and still provide the users with a working product.

Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) are often the beginning for many aspiring startups and entrepreneurs, and were the first pillar of success for many of the world’s largest Internet-based companies.

Due to the undisputed value MVPs add to the startup journey, it is not surprising to see that many companies that started out with an MVP have gone on to massive fame and fortune.

Alejandro González and Enrique Sánchez, CEO and COO of software boutique and tech builder Acid Tango, will share their experience, tips and tricks on how to create an efficient and effective scaling-up strategy for an MPV.