Democratizing IoT: connecting technology with people

#AcidTalks by Acid Tango
#AcidTalks by Acid Tango
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U Hostels

Calle de Sagasta, 22 · Madrid

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The Safestay basement (Meetme) has an independent entry just round the corner of the hostel (Antonio Flores 3).

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The era of globalization has been characterized by the democratization of technology. Nowadays, with the combination of Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT), the promise of democratization of technology for all companies, governments and citizens looks a lot more feasible.

However, democratizing the Internet of Things is not just about technology, but to ease new business models, to enable the sharing economy, to provide power to ordinary citizens, to provide a level playing field where small business owners can compete with large enterprises and to collaborate with humans and machines.

In this session, Jorge Trincado, CEO and founder of, will be our guest speaker. He will firstly introduce IoT and the increasing trend of automation and data exchange by interconnecting all sort of devices and bringing it into the Cloud. After that, Jorge will give a presentation on how they are using, an open-source platform for the Internet of Things that provides a complete framework and the infrastructure to develop connected products.

The event will take place the 16th of January at U Hostels (Safestay Madrid) and will be followed, as always, by some drinks and pizzas.
Places are limited, so RSVP quickly!


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