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"Building a strong risk management capability as part of an overall goal of improving organizational maturity will improve the predictability of a software engineering function whether it is using Kanban or not. However, Kanban systems exhibit greater predictability when risk is managed well. This build greater trust in the system."
- David Anderson

Over the last months, we have been rollout in eDreams ODIGEO Risk Profiling training for product teams, in order to improve their ability in understanding the importance of manage risk. The results we observed has been outstanding.

The aim of this session is to share with you the 2 hours training we designed, so you can use also in your context. The facilitation will happen on two levels: at some moments you will be an attendant, experiencing the activity from yourself. But we will also introduce breaks to look at what we will be doing from a facilitator perspective, sharing and discussing what's the intention of the activity, what we want to reinforce with it, why we designed in that way, etc...

At the end of the session, I hope to have been able to deliver content that helps you both to improve your knowledge in Risk Profiling, but also in how to facilitate the introduction of the technique in teams.