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Building teams that excel: Healthy Conflicts

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One characteristic of an effective team is its capacity to detect, address and resolve issues that are slowing us down or preventing us from achieving the results we are after. For this, we often need to break the status quo, to challenge “the way it has always been done”.

This often means raising topics and initiating conversations that are either uncomfortable or are a source of controversy and conflict.

In this event we want to discuss how we can generate and maintain a certain level of Healthy Conflict in our teams.

The idea is to work in groups (and share the results) on 2 specific areas:

1. Identifying the conversations we need to have in our team or organization by detecting the red flags that can lead us to them.

2. Approaching these difficult interactions and redirecting the possible conflicts they might generate into constructive conversations by playing with a simple tool we are using to distinguish between the different solutions we can think of and the value we are trying to achieve through them.

The place will be AkuaroWorld who kindly invited us to their offices :-)

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