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Lean Startup Summit conference takeaways by Gerard Chiva

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On 21 and 22 of March Lean Startup Summit conference took place in Amsterdam. Gerard Chiva attended the conference, and he propose us to share his insights and take-aways with all the community. Here is his proposal:

'On 21 and 22 of March Lean Startup Summit conference took place in Amsterdam. This was my first time and I was deeply impressed. So, I wanted to share the experience, learnings and key take-aways with you.

I want to summarize the key take-aways of the event and also have an open discussion about some recurrent topics we had at the conference.

As Lean Startup crosses the chasm towards the corporate world it is the moment where Agile and Lean Startup can learn from each other and join forces.

Agile is a mature market already but it has missed several important points in its evolution: a business focus, a product focus and a real customer focus.

On the other hand, Lean Startup is facing the same issues that Agile has been facing for the last 20 years when introducing agility to the corporate world.

I think that both worlds would benefit from each other. We share a common purpose, but quite a different approach.

What will you take out of this event:

* Key take-aways of Lean Startup Summit
* State of the art of Lean Startup evolution
* Innovation in big companies
* Differences and points in common between Agile and Lean Startup
* References and people you should follow
* Insights by open discussions about several topics'

- Gerard Chiva (@GerardChiva)